‘A Song for Every Moon’ released by Bruno Major

31-Aug-2017: ‘A Song for Every Moon’, album by Bruno Major
Label: Bruno Major.

Bruno Major’s second album ‘A Song for Every Moon’ has hit the shelves, and you can be among the first to enjoy it.

Since Bruno Major began creating music they have released two albums and sixteen singles. Bruno Major’s first album ‘Shelter (Remixes)’ from July 2017 was quite popular and well received. Some of Bruno Major’s top tracks include Easily, Home and Just the Same. Bruno Major is perhaps most known for super catchy indie anthem-folk songs.

Tracks on A Song for Every Moon

  • Wouldn’t Mean a Thing
  • There’s Little Left
  • The First Thing You See
  • Easily
  • Home
  • Like Someone in Love
  • Just the Same
  • Second Time
  • Fair-Weather Friend
  • Places We Won’t Walk
  • Cold Blood
  • On Our Own

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Album cover for Bruno Major's new album: A Song for Every Moon
Album cover for Bruno Major’s new album: A Song for Every Moon