Awolnation’s ‘Miracle Man’: Everything we know so far

15-Dec-2017: ‘Miracle Man’, single by Awolnation
Label: Red Bull Records.

It seems like a super day and hopefully Awolnation will make it even better. Awolnation’s thirteenth single ‘Miracle Man’ has hit the shelves, and this very moment is your opportunity to join the ranks of the first of anyone in the world to immerse yourself in the single.

This image depicts Awolnation
Image of Awolnation

Since Awolnation began creating music in 2010 back in Los Angeles in United States of America, they have released a ton of albums (eighteen total) and thirteen singles. Awolnation’s previous album ‘Run’ from March 2015 was quite popular and well received. Awolnation’s most beloved songs include Sail, Kill Your Heroes and Not Your Fault. Awolnation’s releases often focus on the genres alternative rock, la indie, modern rock and pop rap, but fits into many more.

Awolnation consists of Aaron Bruno, Kenny Carkeet and Isaac Carpenter.

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Album cover for Awolnation's new single: Miracle Man
Album cover for Awolnation’s new single: Miracle Man