Presidential Twitter Habits

Donald Trumps Tweeting Habits

We all know that Donald Trump is a great tweeter, maybe the greatest. Using a Twitter analysis tool developed by Luca Hammer (@luca) and available here, Media Gazelle took a look at the president’s tweeting habits to see what could be gleaned from his extensive Twitter portfolio. The data below represents the last 600 tweets he made.

Note: This is not a scientific study.

Bright and Early

First off, Trump likes to wake up bright and early (or perhaps he never sleeps at all). Between the hours of 6 and 9 a.m., he is prolific. One could safely assume he goes to sleep around 11-12 a.m. and sometimes wakes up as early as 5 a.m. Friday and Saturday are his most active nights. Note that the graph below is in PST time.


We also filtered for each day of the week and discovered some interesting tidbits. He almost exclusively retweets @foxandfriends on Fridays. On Fridays, he also likes to retweet @scavino45). Trump’s favorite person to retweet, however, is himself (23 times), followed by @Scavino45, @Foxandfriends and @erictrump. He also mostly replies to himself, although that typically means he is engaging in a conversation (thread).


Perhaps, and not surprisingly, the president’s favorite hashtag is #MAGA, followed by #righttotry. In July, the hashtag #SCOTUS was used a few times, which makes total sense given the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Media Studio

Ten of the presidential tweets are recorded as coming from Media Studio, a twitter content management system. Parsing those 10 tweets, one could reach the conclusion that they are more “official” and possibly written by aides, or that they had to be sent at a certain day and time. Those tweets also use images, so it could be concluded that some of his tweets, those requiring the extra step of attached images, go through a different process. On one occasion in May, a tweet came from an iPad. After that, it seems the iPad was left on a shelf somewhere never to be tweeted from again.

Try this for yourself

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