Rihanna’s Twitter Breakdown

Rihanna’s Twitter Breakdown

We looked at the habits and tweets of Rihanna (@rihanna) by analyzing the data looking for trends and insights. In total we examined the last 799 tweets between November 27, 2014 and August 1, 2018. All times in this article are in Pacific Daylight Time.

The account dates all the way back to October 2009. Rihanna herself of course dates back to 1988.

Most Liked and most retweeted Tweet

The Hours

Rihanna’s top day to tweet is Thursday and her most active hour is 10 a.m. For the period we examined, the busiest date was July 1, 2015, with a total of 12 tweets.

Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @rihanna
Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @rihanna
Day of week chart for @rihanna
Day of week chart for @rihanna

Analyzing all 799 tweets, Rihanna tweeted on average every 1.68 days, i.e. not very often at all.

Looking back 30 days from the most recent tweet (from Aug 01), we have generated this chart showing her recent tweet frequency.

@rihanna's Tweet Frequency
@rihanna’s Tweet Frequency
Most retweeted Tweet

Followers and Favorites

Rihanna follows 1108 other users, quite a huge amount to keep track of. The most retweeted user was @@ClaraLionelFdn (4 times).

retweets by @rihanna
retweets by @rihanna

Tag! You’re It

Top tags used by Rihanna were #FENTYXPUMA (used 48 times), #ANTI (used 27 times) and #DiamondBall which was detected 19 times.

@rihanna's hashtag usage
@rihanna’s hashtag usage

Pure Speculation

Now we will we engage in total speculation about Robyn. Because, why not.

  • Approximately 81 percent of tweets are sent during the workweek (Mon to Fri). It seems @rihanna favors weekdays slightly over weekends.
  • If we assume each tweet takes 30 seconds to type and send on average, then we can calculate the time spent tweeting over a one-month period is 8 minutes (30 seconds times 30 days times 0.59 tweets per day). If we furthermore assume that before the actual tweet takes place, two minutes of thought are spent in thoughtful deliberation about how to phrase it and possibly finding an image, then the total amount of time per month spent tweeting and thinking about tweeting is 44 minutes.
  • 13 percent of the 282 tags had a number of upper and lowercase inconsistencies. This indicates that @rihanna is mostly consistent, but perhaps sometimes in too much of a hurry to enter the tags correctly.