Danielle Bradbery’s ‘Goodbye Summer’: What we know so far

03-Aug-2018: ‘Goodbye Summer’, single by Danielle Bradbery
Released on Label: BMLG Records.

Danielle Bradbery’s fourth single was just released on the label BMLG Records and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular or it is too close to its release date.

This image depicts Danielle Bradbery
Image of Danielle Bradbery

Since Danielle Bradbery began creating music she has released six albums and four singles. Danielle Bradbery’s previous album ‘Fresh For 2018’ from January 2018 was not all that popular in the mainstream. Danielle Bradbery is mostly associated with her tracks The Heart of Dixie, Sway and Young in America. Danielle Bradbery is known to dabble in the contemporary country genre.

Danielle Bradbery was born in League City in July 1996. Danielle Bradbery is known for working as singer-songwriter and singer.

Danielle Bradbery will perform live at these locations

Aug 16, 2018

Thomas Rhett will be performing at Illinois State Fairgrounds Il State Fair

Nov 17, 2018

Thomas Rhett will be performing at Eventim Apollo

Aug 07, 2018

Grand Ole Opry will be performing at Grand Ole Opry House

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Aug 22, 2018

Mitchell Tenpenny will be performing at 3rd & Lindsley

ocation(“raw”=”3rd & Lindsley”, “zip”=”37210”, “address 1″=”816 3rd Ave. South”, , “city”=”Nashville”, “country”=”United States Of America”, “latitude”=”36.1521623″,”longitude”=”-86.7701″, “state”=”Tennessee”)]

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Album cover for Danielle Bradbery's new single: Goodbye Summer
Album cover for Danielle Bradbery’s new single: Goodbye Summer

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