H.R.6213 introduced in House by Mike Johnson

To amend the Revised Statutes of the United States to prevent the use of the legal system in a manner that extorts money from State and local governments, and the Federal Government, and inhibits such governments’ constitutional actions under the first, tenth, and fourteenth amendments.

Republican Representative Mike Johnson from the state of LA, along with thirty-four cosponsors, introduced bill H.R.6213 on Jun 25, 2018.

There are currently no amendments. The bill’s cosponsors are all Republicans. So far none of the bill’s cosponsors has withdrawn their support.

Mike Johnson Short bio

Mike Johnson was born on a 1972 in Shreveport.

Mike Johnson has held a number of positions, including member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and United States representative. He was educated at the Captain Shreve High School.

Picture of Rep. Mike Johnson (R)
Rep. Mike Johnson (R)