Moon, Mars, and Milky Way

Another great image released by NASA.

Moon, Mars, and Milky Way
Moon, Mars, and Milky Way , Copyright Taha Ghouchkanlu

“Just two weeks ago, dark skies over the desert in northern Iran held this alluring celestial vista. The dramatic digital mosaic finds the Moon and Mars alongside the Milky Way’s dusty rifts, stars, and nebulae. Captured through a series of exposures to cover a range in brightness, that night’s otherwise Full Moon is immersed in Earth’s shadow. It actually appears fainter and redder than the Red Planet itself during the widely watched total lunar eclipse. For cosmic tourists, the skyscape also includes the Lagoon (M8) and Trifid (M20) nebulae and planet Saturn shining against the Milky Way’s pale starlight. The Moon isn’t quite done with its shadow play, though. Today, the New Moon partially eclipses the Sun for much of northern planet Earth.”

Moon, only natural satellite of Earth.
Milky Way
Milky Way, spiral galaxy in the Local Group containing the Solar System.
Milky Way is located in the Pisces constellation which is part of the Local Group.
Mars, fourth planet from the Sun.
Lagoon Nebula
Lagoon Nebula, emission nebula and H II region in Sagittarius.
Lagoon Nebula is located in the Sagittarius constellation which is part of the Milky Way. It was discovered in 1654 by . It is located 4100 light-year from earth.