‘Thanksgiving’ released by Rachel Baiman

02-Nov-2018: ‘Thanksgiving’, single by Rachel Baiman
Record Label: Free Dirt Records.

The second single by Rachel Baiman is named ‘Thanksgiving’ and was just released on label Free Dirt Records and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it is too close to its release date.

Album cover for Rachel Baiman's new single: Thanksgiving
Album cover for Rachel Baiman’s new single: Thanksgiving

Since Rachel Baiman began creating music she has released two albums and two singles. Rachel Baiman’s first album ‘Speakeasy Man’ from January 2014 was rarely played anywhere. Rachel Baiman is best known for her tracks I Could’ve Been Your Lover Too, Something To Lose and Thinkin’ On You.

List of tracks on Thanksgiving

  • Tent City
  • Thanksgiving
  • Madison Tennessee (feat. Molly Tuttle) – Rachel Baiman and Molly Tuttle
  • Times Like These (feat. Josh Oliver) – Rachel Baiman and Josh Oliver

Spotify: Play Thanksgiving