‘Hold Up A Light (Edit)’ is a new single by Thrice

08-Jan-2019: ‘Hold Up A Light (Edit)’, single by Thrice
Record Label: Epitaph.

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The thirteenth single by Thrice is titled ‘Hold Up A Light (Edit)’ and was just released on label Epitaph and is now available on Spotify. While the single is getting some plays on Last.FM, it has not yet taken of big time.

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Since Thrice began creating music in 1998 they have released a ton of albums (sixteen combined) and thirteen singles. Thrice’s previous album ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ from May 2016 was a very popular album that was universally loved. Some of Thrice’s top tracks include The Artist In The Ambulance, Stare At The Sun and All That’s Left.

Thrice consists of Riley Breckenridge, Dustin Kensrue, Eddie Breckenridge and Teppei Teranishi.

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Album cover for Thrice's new single: Hold Up A Light (Edit)
Album cover for Thrice’s new single: Hold Up A Light (Edit)