Setting 52 Week High, Audioeye Inc (AEYE) Close At $10.21

Audioeye Inc (AEYE)

January 17th, 2019
Audioeye Inc closed Thursday up 13.57%, a $1.22 increase to close on $10.21. Furthermore it hit a new 52 week high of $10.35. The stock continues to trade well at 3,681% of its 52 week low of $0.27. In addition to finishing higher, trading volumes were solid at 298% of normal which can indicate investors see opportunities.

Market Sectors

Thursday saw an upward swing in all sectors of the market with Materials leading the pack with a 1.68% increase. Energy has seen the biggest year-to-date gain at 8.02%. The biggest loss this year has been the Utilities sector dropping 0.12%.

Materials saw the biggest turnaround from its 5-day performance of -0.55%, as it went up 1.68%.

Sector Breakdown

  • Materials went up with a 1.68% change.
  • Industrials went up with a 1.65% change.
  • Energy went up with a 0.98% change.
  • Healthcare went up with a 0.90% change.
  • Consumer Discretionary went up with a 0.68% change.
  • Information Technology went up with a 0.67% change.
  • Financials went up with a 0.54% change.
  • Real Estate went up with a 0.47% change.
  • Utilities went up with a 0.43% change.
  • Consumer Staples went up with a 0.39% change.
  • Communication Services went up with a 0.38% change.

All amounts in USD unless otherwise indicated
AEYE daily update
AEYE daily update

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