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Wednesday Feb 06, 2019
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23% discounted: KENNY ROGERS: Rollin’ Volume 2 With Jim Croce And Bo Diddley

Save 23 percent on this deal, you pay $11.49 (you save $3.49)
Save 23 percent on this deal, you pay $11.49 (you save $3.49)
As Seen on TV, this nostalgic DVD, Kenny Rogers: Rollin’ Volume 2 with Jim Croce & Bo Diddley, is a one-of-a-kind musical time capsule that unearths electrifying performances from the musical archives, showcases the biggest and most popular acts of the 1970s, and takes us on a magical trip down memory lane that recaptures that colorful decade of non-stop hits, sideburns, and bellbottoms.

This historic DVD also features Singer-Songwriter Jim Croce performing his signature hits with the friendliness and sincerity he is famous for, not only conveying his most heart felt emotions but also bringing the excited audience into the depth of his soul. This classic TV program also features the legendary Forefather of Rock ‘n Roll, Bo Diddley, showcasing his brilliant sound, that served as a gateway between R&B and Rock ‘n Roll and inspired a generation of musicians, such as Kenny Rogers. But the highlight of this exclusive DVD occurs when Diddley and the undervalued musical trendsetter Ronnie Hawkins join Kenny Rogers and the First Edition on stage for two impromptu performances that leave the audience grabbing the edge of their seats and yearning for an encore.

Kenny Roger’s lasting energy is electric and his emotional melodies still ring true in this special, timeless DVD. Whether performing one of his signature hits or introducing special musical guests of the 70’s such as Jim Croce, Ronnie Hawkins, & musical innovator Bo Diddley at the peak of their popularity, Kenny Rogers showcases the depth of his unique voice in this charming DVD that defines retro and provides a charming look back at the transition from the Psychedelic ’60s to the New Wave of the 1980s.

1. Easy Livin’ by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
2. Take It Easy by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
3. Operator by Jim Croce
4. Don’t You Know She Just Loves It by Ronnie Hawkins
5. Ruben James by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
6. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce
7. After Midnight by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
8. Sweet Little Sixteen by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
9. Hey, Bo Diddley by Bo Diddley
10. Bo Diddley’s Jam by Bo Diddley
11. Teenager in Love/ Who Wrote the Book of Love by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
12. I Can’t Believe It’s Me by Ronnie Hawkins
13. 40 Days (with Ronnie Hawkins & Bo Diddley) by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
14. Hey, Bo Diddley (with Ronnie Hawkins & Bo Diddley) by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
15. Rock ‘n Roll Music by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

A Bonus Video Concert Performance by Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers Biography
Jim Croce Biography
Bo Diddley Biography
Ronnie Hawkins Biography
Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
Digital Dolby Stereo Audio
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Discount:23 percent (save $3.49)you pay just $11.49
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