Donald J. Trump’s Twitter Usage Breakdown

Donald J. Trump’s Twitter Breakdown

We investigated the habits and tweets of the extremely popular Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump) by analyzing the data looking for trends and insights. In total we examined the last 1000 tweets between November 3, 2018 and February 9, 2019. All times in this article are in Pacific Daylight Time.

The account dates all the way back to March 2009.

Most Liked and most retweeted Tweet

The Hours

realdonaldtrump’s top day to tweet is Sunday and the most active hour is 5 a.m. For the period we examined, the busiest date was Jan 20, with a total of 41 tweets.

Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @realdonaldtrump
Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @realdonaldtrump

Day of week chart for @realdonaldtrump
Day of week chart for @realdonaldtrump

Analyzing all 1000 tweets, Donald Trump tweeted on average every 2.36 hours, impressive by any measure.

Looking back 30 days from the most recent tweet (posted Feb 09), we can generate a chart showing Donald Trump recent tweet frequency.

@realdonaldtrump%27s Tweet Frequency
@realdonaldtrump’s Tweet Frequency

This re-tweet by @realdonaldtrump was the most popular of all the retweets

Tag! You’re It

Top tags used by Donald J. Trump were #MAGA (used nine times), #MAGARally (used eight times) and #SOTU which was detected three times.

@realdonaldtrump%27s hashtag usage
@realdonaldtrump’s hashtag usage

Be a leader, not a follower

Donald J. Trump follows 45 other users. Donald Trump has an incredible amount of followers (58,119,510 and counting). The most retweeted user was @WhiteHouse (14 times).

retweets by @realdonaldtrump
retweets by @realdonaldtrump

Pure Speculation

This is where we submit to total speculation about Donald Trump. Because, why not.

  • Both weekdays and weekends are tweet days, Donald J. Trump is an equal opportunity tweeter.
  • Donald Trump is on a streak and didn’t miss a single day of tweeting the past 30 days. That’s some serious Twitter Love.
  • We did not detect any cases where a tag was spelled using different casing (Upper and lower case). We tentatively conclude that Donald J. Trump is very careful when using tags.
  • Assuming each tweet takes thirty seconds to type and send on average, then we can calculate the time spent tweeting over a one-month period is 2 hours, 32 minutes (30 seconds times 30 days times 10 tweets per day). If we furthermore assume that before the actual tweet takes place, two minutes of thought are spent in deep contemplation about phrasing and possibly locating the perfect image, then the total amount of time spent tweeting and thinking about tweeting is 12 hours, 43 minutes monthly.