‘Gimme’ released by Banks

29-Apr-2019: ‘Gimme’, single by Banks
Released on Label: Harvest Records.

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The twenty-fourth single by Banks is titled ‘Gimme’ and was just released on label Harvest Records and is now available on Spotify. The single is is already quite popular among Last.FM users.

This image depicts Banks
Image of Banks

Since Banks began creating music she has released five albums and twenty-four singles. Banks’s previous album ‘Goddess (Remixes)’ from March 2015 was quite popular and well received. Banks is best known for her tracks Beggin for Thread, Waiting Game and Drowning.

Banks was born in Orange County in June 1988 and was educated at University of Southern California. Banks is known for being a singer, singer-songwriter and composer. She has quite a following with now 470700 on Twitter.

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Album cover for Banks%27s new single: Gimme
Album cover for Banks’s new single: Gimme

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