Zipping Past Earth Today, NASA Expects Asteroid ‘(2014 GF45)’ Will Be Back In June 2027

Frequent visitor, asteroid passing Earth for the hundred and twenty-fourth time since 1902.

An asteroid named ‘(2014 GF45)’ is on course to pass by earth 162 times in the next 100 years. After passing Earth today it will return next time in Jun 2027. NASA will continue to monitor it’s path carefully.

The first time this asteroid (with the catchy name ‘(2014 GF45)’) was spotted was on Apr 04, 2014. Since 1902 it has passed Earth 124 times and we can expect it to return one hundred and sixty-two more times within the next 100 years.

(2014 GF45) measures 191 foot to 427 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 43,768,960 miles.

Fun Fact: If this asteroid was a member of a frequent flyer club, it would amass 1,059,803 frequent flier miles per day.

Tracking asteroids and comets was a lot harder until 2016 when NASA opened the Planetary Defense Coordination OFfice (PDCO), which formalized the process of detecting near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

When small pieces of debris or chuncks of asteroids or comets enters the earth atmosphere, they become meteors which in turns sometimes become fireballs. A more romantic name for meteors is of course shooting stars. The pieces that do not burn up upon entry can be very valuable to collectors if they can be found after they hit the ground.

Just this year NASA discovered a giant 22-mile wide crater buried under the Greenland Ice Cap. The crater, if confirmed, could turn out to be one of the largest known impacts an asteroid has had with Earth.