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24-May-2019: ‘One Touch’, single by Jess Glynne
Released on Label: Atlantic Records UK.

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The forty-third single by Jess Glynne is titled ‘One Touch’ and was just released on label Atlantic Records UK and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Even if you have never heard of Jess Glynne, we want you to know that Jess Glynne has been honored with the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording award. Jess Glynne is said to be inspired by Amy Winehouse.

This image depicts Jess Glynne
Image of Jess Glynne

Since Jess Glynne began creating music she has released two albums and forty-three singles. Jess Glynne’s first album ‘I Cry When I Laugh’ from August 2015 was quite popular and well received. Some of Jess Glynne’s most popular tunes include Hold My Hand, Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself and Take Me Home.

Jess Glynne was born in London in October 1989. Jess Glynne is known for working as a singer, composer and songwriter. She has quite a following with now 391804 on Twitter.

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Album cover for Jess Glynne%27s new single: One Touch
Album cover for Jess Glynne’s new single: One Touch