The Asteroid Named ‘(2017 JB2)’ Makes A Near-Earth Approcah Today, Is Set To Return November 2047

Frequent visitor, asteroid passing Earth for the fifty-sixth time since 1942.

An asteroid named ‘(2017 JB2)’ is on course to pass by earth 24 times in the next 100 years. After passing Earth today it will return next time on Nov 2047. NASA will continue to monitor its path carefully.

Asteroid ‘(2017 JB2)’ was first observed on May 06, 2017. Since 1942 it has passed Earth 56 times and we can expect it to return twenty-four more times within the next 100 years.

(2017 JB2) measures 13 foot to 30 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 34,585,604 miles.

Fun Fact: If this asteroid was a member of a frequent flyer club, it would amass 661,078 frequent flier miles per day.

Ever since the Sun formed 4.6 billion years ago, the solar system has been a violent neighbourghood. Our little neck of the woods in space was once littered with meteors, comets and debris all crashing into each others and our planets, all the while leaving behind impact craters. On Earth, these craters have been covered up or destroyed due to erosion, weather, and tectonic plate movements.

NASA Researchers have now used data from a Moon probe and found that 290 million years ago the rate of impacts increased dramatically and that this is still ongoing.

Just one major impact with Earth could cause extinctions like the one that ended the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and created the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. That asteroid is estimated to have been a full eleven to eighty-one kilometers across, and causing the end of the Creataceous-Palogene era in a mass extinction event kiiling 75% of animal species.