Asteroid Travelling At A Speed Of at 34,315 Miles Per Hour Passing Near Earth

112 Foot Diameter Asteroid Passing Near Earth

Asteroid ‘(2017 RV2)’ was first observed on Sep 14, 2017. Since 1983 it has passed Earth 16 times and we can expect it to return ten more times within the next 100 years.

(2017 RV2) is 50 foot to 112 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 26,990,302 miles.

Fun Fact: If this asteroid was a member of a frequent flyer club, it would amass 823,553 frequent flier miles per day.

A recent study involving the University of Southampton has uncovered that about 290 million years ago, Earth saw a sharp increase in the number of asteroids crashing into it.

Unlike previous studies that focused on impact craters on Earth which are often gone due to erosion and other geological processes, this study looked at craters on the Moon.

Researchers believe both celestial bodies have been hit in the same proportion over time, and since the moon is immune to plate tectonics that gradually destroy Earth’s craters, it’s a perfect place to look.

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