Space Rock Up To 2,042 Feet In Diameter Is Skimming Earth Today

Large 913 ft to 2,042 ft diameter asteroid passing Earth

Today the large asteroid ‘(2005 QQ30)’ is zipping past Earth, thankfully missing us by 19,015,025 miles.

The asteroid ‘(2005 QQ30)’ was first observed on Aug 29, 2005. Since 1905 it has passed Earth 36 times and within the next 100 years it will return 54 more times, getting as close as 7,123,169 miles to Earth in 2065.

(2005 QQ30) measures 913 foot to 2,042 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 19,015,025 miles.

Fun Fact: If this asteroid was a member of a frequent flyer club, it would amass 726,550 frequent flier miles per day.

A new study involving the University of Southampton has uncovered that just about 290 million years ago, Earth saw a sharp increase in the number of asteroids crashing into it.

Unlike previous studies that focused on craters on Earth which have often worn away due to erosion and other geological processes, this study examined craters on our Moon.

Researchers believe both celestial bodies have been hit in the same proportion over time, and since the moon is immune to plate tectonics that gradually destroy Earth’s craters, it’s a perfect place to look.

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