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05-Jul-2019: ‘ERYS’, album by Jaden
Released on Label: MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records.

Jaden’s sixth album was just released on MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records and is now available for streaming on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or it is too close to its release date.

Since Jaden began creating music they have released six albums and twenty-two singles. Jaden’s previous album ‘ERYS’ from July 2019 was barely played anywhere. Jaden is irreversibly associated with the tracks Icon, Way Up and SOHO.

Tracks on ERYS

  • P Explicit Lyrics
  • I Explicit Lyrics
  • N Explicit Lyrics
  • K Explicit LyricsJaden and Lido
  • NOIZE Explicit LyricsJaden and Tyler, The Creator
  • i-drip-or-is Explicit Lyrics
  • Again Explicit LyricsJaden and SYRE
  • Got It Explicit Lyrics
  • Fire Dept Explicit Lyrics
  • Mission Explicit LyricsJaden and Trinidad James
  • Summertime In Paris Explicit LyricsJaden and Willow
  • Blackout Explicit Lyrics
  • Pain Explicit Lyrics
  • Chateau Explicit LyricsJaden and A$AP Rocky
  • On My Own Explicit LyricsJaden and Kid Cudi
  • Riot Explicit Lyrics
  • ERYS Explicit Lyrics

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