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Album cover for Dylan Scotts new single: Between An Old Memory And Me

Dylan Scott announce his 19th single Between An Old Memory And Me

05-Jul-2019: 'Between An Old Memory And Me', single by Dylan Scott Label: Curb Records. country • hunks Dylan Scott's nineteenth single was released on Curb Records and...
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Top Deal For Creed

Sunday Jul 14, 2019 Love Creed? We found one of the best deals out there, so you can spend the time watching TV and eating...
Album cover for Tychos new album: Weather

‘Weather’ is a new album by Tycho

12-Jul-2019: 'Weather', album by Tycho Released on Label: Mom+Pop. ambient • electronic • idm • chillout • downtempo Tycho's tenth album was released on label Mom+Pop and...
Album cover for GATTÜSOs new single: When In Rome

The new release ‘When In Rome’ by GATTÜSO is now on Spotify

05-Jul-2019: 'When In Rome', single by GATTÜSO Label: Armada Music. The twentieth single by GATTÜSO is titled 'When In Rome' and was just released on label...
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Top Deals For Alice Cooper

Sunday Jul 14, 2019 If you are looking for Alice Cooper products, we got you covered. We found some of the best deals out there,...
Album cover for Jeezys new single: 1 Time

Jeezy release his 0th single titled ‘1 Time’

03-Jul-2019: '1 Time', single by Jeezy Record Label: Def Jam Recordings. rap • Hip-Hop • Dirty South • southern rap • hip hop The zeroth single by...
Album cover for 03 Greedos new single: Meet The Drummers

Out on Spotify: ‘Meet The Drummers’ by 03 Greedo

05-Jul-2019: 'Meet The Drummers', single by 03 Greedo Label: Alamo Records. The twenty-sixth single by 03 Greedo is named 'Meet The Drummers' and was just released...
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Alert: Deep Discounts On Toto

Sunday Jul 14, 2019 We looked around the interwebs and found these amazing deals on Toto. Save up to 29 percent on your favorite Toto...
Album cover for R.LUM.Rs new single: How This Feels

New single out by R.LUM.R: How This Feels

12-Jul-2019: 'How This Feels', single by R.LUM.R Record Label: Island Records. The twentieth single by R.LUM.R is titled 'How This Feels' and was just released on...
Album cover for Rauw Alejandros new single: Detective

Rauw Alejandro release new single titled ‘Detective’

08-Jul-2019: 'Detective', single by Rauw Alejandro Label: Duars Entertainment, Corp.. Rauw Alejandro's forty-seventh single was just released on the label Duars Entertainment, Corp. and can now...

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Picture of Sen. Robert Menendez (D)

S.2116 introduced in Senate by Robert Menendez (D)

New bill introduced: A bill to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to establish rules for payment for graduate medical education (GME)...
Map of earthquake of magnitude 4.6 that struck 23km NNW of Khaydarkan, Kyrgyzstan, near Kadamzhai District, Kyrgyzstan at a depth of 10 km, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. An earthquake of this magnitude is considered to be light.

Magnitude 4.6 Light Earthquake Hits 14 Miles North-Northwest of Khaydarkan, Kyrgyzstan

A shallow magnitude 4.6 earthquake was reported 14 miles north-northwest of Khaydarkan, Kyrgyzstan, near Kadamzhai District, Kyrgyzstan at a depth of 10 km, according...
President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s new Executive Order “Collecting Information About Citizenship Status in Connection With...

On Jul 11, 2019, President Donald Trump signed Executive Order #2019-15222. The Executive Order named "Collecting Information About Citizenship Status in Connection With the Decennial...