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Album cover for Shooter Jennings's new album: Shooter

Shooter Jennings’s ‘Shooter’: This is we know so far

10-Aug-2018: 'Shooter', album by Shooter Jennings Released on Label: Low Country Sound/Elektra. The seventeenth album by Shooter Jennings is named 'Shooter' and was just released on...
Album cover for Coheed and Cambria's new single: The Dark Sentencer

‘The Dark Sentencer’ is a new single by Coheed and Cambria

01-Jun-2018: 'The Dark Sentencer', single by Coheed and Cambria Released on Label: Roadrunner Records. The thirteenth single by Coheed and Cambria is named 'The Dark Sentencer'...
Album cover for Twin Shadow's new single: When You're Wrong

Twin Shadow’s new single is on Spotify

13-Apr-2018: 'When You're Wrong', single by Twin Shadow Released on Label: Reprise. The twenty-third single by Twin Shadow is named 'When You're Wrong' and was just...
Album cover for Shane 54's new single: Bacon & Pancakes EP

Shane 54’s ‘Bacon & Pancakes EP’: This is everything we know so far

25-May-2018: 'Bacon & Pancakes EP', single by Shane 54 Record Label: Zerothree. Shane 54's twenty-third single was just released on the label Zerothree and...
Album cover for Valentino Khan's new single: Lick It

New single released by Valentino Khan: Lick It

16-Mar-2018: 'Lick It', single by Valentino Khan Released on Label: Spinnin' Records. The twenty-sixth single by Valentino Khan is named 'Lick It' and was just released...
Album cover for Her's new album: Her

The 4th album ‘Her’, by Her is released

30-Mar-2018: 'Her', album by Her Label: Barclay/DEP. Her's fourth album was released on the label Barclay/DEP and is now available for streaming on Spotify....
Album cover for Reeseynem's new single: What's the Hook

‘What’s the Hook’ released by Reeseynem

17-Aug-2018: 'What's the Hook', single by Reeseynem Record Label: Independent. Introducing the first single released by Reeseynem: 'What's the Hook'. The single is not yet on...
Album cover for William Matthews's new album: KOSMOS

William Matthews’s ‘KOSMOS’: This is everything we know so far

09-Nov-2018: 'KOSMOS', album by William Matthews Label: Odd Feast. The second album by William Matthews is named 'KOSMOS' and was just released on label Odd...

The new release ‘Stole Your Car’ by Charlotte Lawrence is now on Spotify

13-Sep-2018: 'Stole Your Car', single by Charlotte Lawrence Record Label: Charlotte Lawrence under exclusive license to Human Re Sources. Charlotte Lawrence's fifteenth single was released...
Album cover for Jason Mraz's new single: Might As Well Dance

Latest update from Jason Mraz

06-Jul-2018: 'Might As Well Dance', single by Jason Mraz Label: Atlantic Records. Jason Mraz's thirty-third single was released on Atlantic Records and is now...
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