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Album cover for Piso 21's new single: Besándote (feat. Anne-Marie) [Remix]

Piso 21 announce their 17th single Besándote (feat. Anne-Marie) [Remix]

01-Sep-2017: 'Besándote (feat. Anne-Marie) ', single by Piso 21 Record Label: WM Mexico. Piso 21's seventeenth single 'Besándote (feat. Anne-Marie) ' is out, and you can...
Album cover for Tamar Estine Braxton's new album: Bluebird of Happiness

Now on Spotify: ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ by Tamar Estine Braxton

29-Sep-2017: 'Bluebird of Happiness', album by Tamar Estine Braxton Record Label: TamartianLand. Wake up, It's time for some weekly audio juice! Tamar Estine Braxton's twenty-first album...
Album cover for Petit Biscuit's new single: Waterfall

‘Waterfall’ is a new single by Petit Biscuit

28-Sep-2017: 'Waterfall', single by Petit Biscuit Label: Petit Biscuit Music. Petit Biscuit's thirteenth single 'Waterfall' has hit the shelves, and you can be among the first...
Album cover for Artist Dubose's new single: Say A'

‘The Bigger Artist’ is a new album by Artist Dubose

29-Sep-2016: 'The Bigger Artist', album by Artist Dubose Record Label: Highbridge The Label. Artist Dubose's thirteenth album 'The Bigger Artist' has hit the shelves, and you...
Album cover for PartyNextDoor's new album: Seven Days

The 13th album ‘Seven Days’, by PartyNextDoor is out

29-Sep-2017: 'Seven Days', album by PartyNextDoor Label: OVO Sound/Warner Bros.. PartyNextDoor's thirteenth album 'Seven Days' has hit the streets, and you can be among the...
Album cover for Daddy Yankee's new single: Vuelve

‘Vuelve’ released by Daddy Yankee

29-Sep-2017: 'Vuelve', single by Daddy Yankee Record Label: EL CARTEL RECORDS (EC3). Daddy Yankee's twenty-fourth single 'Vuelve' has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and...
Album cover for Demi Lovato's new album: Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)

Out on Spotify: ‘Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)’ by Demi Lovato

29-Sep-2017: 'Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)', album by Demi Lovato Record Label: Demi LP2 - Island/Hollywood. It seems like a wonderful Friday, and we trust...
Album cover for Wyclef Jean's new single: Spotify Singles

‘Spotify Singles’ released by Wyclef Jean

27-Sep-2017: 'Spotify Singles', single by Wyclef Jean Label: Legacy Recordings. Wyclef Jean's eighteenth single 'Spotify Singles' has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and you...
Album cover for Harry Styles's new single: Spotify Singles

The 3rd single ‘Spotify Singles’, by Harry Styles is released

27-Sep-2017: 'Spotify Singles', single by Harry Styles Record Label: Columbia. It seems like a super Thursday, and hopefully Harry Styles will make it even better. Harry...
Album cover for Rapsody's new album: Laila’s Wisdom

New album released by Rapsody: Laila’s Wisdom

22-Sep-2017: 'Laila’s Wisdom', album by Rapsody Record Label: Rapsody. Your day is about to get a lot better. Rapsody's twenty-third album 'Laila’s Wisdom' has hit the...

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Album cover for Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds's new single: Black Star Dancing

‘Black Star Dancing’ is the 7th single from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

14-Jun-2019: 'Black Star Dancing', single by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Released on Label: Universal Music Operations Ltd.. britpop • rock • british • seen live...
Picture of Sen. Mike Rounds (R)

Senate: New Bill Introduced by Mike Rounds – “A bill to improve cyber governance...

A bill to improve cyber governance structures in the Department of Defense and to require designation of principal advisors on military cyber force matters,...
A massive cluster of yellowish galaxies is seemingly caught in a spider web of eerily distorted background galaxies in the left-hand image, taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys ACS aboard NASA Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomers Uncover One of the Youngest and Brightest Galaxies in the Early Universe

This image was taken in 2008 by NASA/ESA/JPL-Caltech/STScI. It still blows our mind. A massive cluster of yellowish galaxies is seemingly caught in a spider...