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Phunware Inc (Nasdaq:PHUN) Trades At Over Twice The 52 Week Low

Phunware Inc (Nasdaq:PHUN) March 25th, 2019 Phunware Inc fell ($7.83) Monday, a 17.60% decline, closing at $36.65. While the stock did drop today, remember that...

(Nasdaq:NK) Nantkwest Inc Finished Up 32.54%

Nantkwest Inc (Nasdaq:NK) March 25th, 2019 Nantkwest Inc finished up $0.41 Monday, up 32.54%, closing at $1.67. Nantkwest Inc bounced 43.85% between low and high....

Setting A New 52 Week High, CMS Energy Corporation (NYSE:CMS) Finishes At $55.83

CMS Energy Corporation (NYSE:CMS) March 25th, 2019 CMS Energy Corporation rose $0.22 Monday which equals a 0.40% jump, closing at $55.83. Furthermore it hit a...