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Cool Holdings Inc (Nasdaq:AWSM) Finished Up 38.37%

Cool Holdings Inc (Nasdaq:AWSM) January 16th, 2019 Cool Holdings Inc rose $0.66 Wednesday, a 38.37% jump, closing at $2.38. Cool Holdings Inc swung 50.30% between...
Picture of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R)

New legislation introduced in Senate titled “A bill to direct the Secretary of the...

Republican Senator, 3rd Class Lisa Murkowski introduce new bill "A bill to direct the Secretary of the Interior to establish a demonstration program to adapt the successful practices of providing foreign aid to underdeveloped economies to the provision of Federal economic development assistance to Native communities in."

Biocept Inc (Nasdaq:BIOC) Ends Up After Crazy 128.22% Swing

Biocept Inc (Nasdaq:BIOC) January 16th, 2019 Biocept Inc rose $0.67 Wednesday, a 40.12% increase, closing at $2.34. Biocept Inc swung 128.22% between low and high....