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Album cover for Becky Gs new single: La Respuesta

New single out by Becky G: La Respuesta

19-Apr-2019: 'La Respuesta', single by Becky G Record Label: Kemosabe Records/RCA Records/Sony Music Latin. The thirty-seventh single by Becky G is titled 'La Respuesta' and was...
Asteroid (2002 GA)' is making a near-earth approach.

Large 833 Foot to 1,862 Foot Diameter Space Rock Is Passing Earth Today

Large 833 ft to 1,862 ft diameter asteroid passing Earth Today the large asteroid '(2002 GA)' is zipping past Earth, thankfully missing by 16,860,772 miles. The...
Asteroid (2015 KJ122)' is making a near-earth approach.

Making a Near-Earth Approach Today, NASA Expects Asteroid ‘(2015 KJ122)’ Will Be Back In...

"Yo-yo" asteroid passing Earth for the two hundred and thirty-sixth time since 1900. An asteroid named '(2015 KJ122)' is on course to pass by earth...