Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Dropping The 52 Week Low, Minco Gold Corporation (NYSE:MGHCF) Closing Trading At $0.07

Minco Gold Corporation (NYSE:MGHCF) September 19th, 2018 Minco Gold Corporation finished Wednesday's trading session down 20.73%, a $0.02 decrease to close on $0.07. ...

(Nasdaq:HELE) Helen of Troy Limited Breaks 52 Week High Record Of $129.45

Helen of Troy Limited (Nasdaq:HELE) September 19th, 2018 Helen of Troy Limited closed Wednesday up 2.35%, a $2.95 increase to close on $128.50. ...

AMREP Corporation (NYSE:AXR) Breaks 52 Week High Bar Of $9.88

AMREP Corporation (NYSE:AXR) September 19th, 2018 AMREP Corporation closed Wednesday up 8.82%, a $0.79 increase to close on $9.75. Furthermore it hit...