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Album cover for Flumes new single: Let You Know

Flume release his 22nd single named ‘Let You Know’

12-Jun-2019: 'Let You Know', single by Flume Label: Future Classic. electronic • chillout • seen live • instrumental hip-hop • australian Flume's twenty-second single was released on...
Picture of Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D)

Senate: New Legislation Introduced by Chris Van Hollen – “A bill to provide for...

New bill introduced: A bill to provide for a grant program for handgun licensing programs, and for other purposes. Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen from...
Sen. Mike Rounds (R)

Mike Rounds (R) introduce new legislation in Senate “A bill to provide for pilot...

New bill introduced: A bill to provide for pilot programs to streamline decision-making process for weapon systems. Republican Senator Mike Rounds from the state of...